Next Quality meeting – 1pm on 7th March 2019 at the Living Waters Church, South Shields

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Transformation Programme Update

The next Clinical Quality meeting will be a meeting with a difference, as Practice Managers and Reception Leads have been invited along with the usual Practice GP’s.  

Dr Anji Curry (STHC’s Clinical Lead) plans to discuss two particular areas including:-

  • Ensuring appropriate patients are allocated STEPS appointments.
  • Hearing views on how to help improve the uptake of cervical smears for women in South Tyneside through STEPS extended hours service.

Dr Anji Curry – Clinical Lead for STHC said:-

‘ The clinical meeting on 7th March at the Living Waters Centre will be slightly different this time and we’re hoping GPs, Practice Managers and Reception Leads can join us. There are two areas we would like to focus on- first, how we ensure appropriate patients are allocated a STEPS appointment (as this is not straightforward). We would like to open a discussion about how we can make the service more efficient and ensure appropriate patients are being seen.

We would also like to hear views on how we can help women of South Tyneside access smear tests through the extended hours service.  Again, receptionists are key to this and we’re hoping for some discussion around this. We’re all keen to improve the uptake on this screening opportunity (as not only vital for women of South Tyneside but also helps with our day to day practice) and would value everyone’s input’.

The Collaboration’s next Clinical Quality Meeting will be held at the Living Waters Church in South Shields at 1pm on Thursday 7th March.